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It took way to long to get this posted, but here it is.

This blog is a friends favorites feature (say that 10 times!). Enjoy!

Jen dropped a track from the French band the Priors on me (www.myspace.com/priorsmusic). Simple song, but a great beat and good flow. I’ve been rocking this one on my Ipod for a while now.

The Priors – What You Need (Extended Mix)

Adrian has been rocking out to a track from Gui Buratt0 (www.myspace.com/guiboratto). The Brazilian Dj, composer, producer released an album back in March 2009 and his remix of the Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc first got my attention a few months back.

Gui Buratto – No Turning Back

Kyla gave me Heartbeat -Annie (Mstrkrft Remix).  Almost every remix by this Canadian Dj duo is pure gold, and this one won’t disappoint in  the least.

HeartBeat – Annie (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Warren’s pick is DatA – Rapture ft. Sebastien Grainger (Marc Ustari Remix). Some of you may know Sebastien Grainger from the defunct band  Death From Above 1979,  a band he started with Jesse F. Keller who went on to start Mstrkrft

DatA – Rapture ft. Sebastien Grainger (Marc Ustari Remix)

My choice is two picks. The first is from German artist Fukkk Offf.  If  you like big room sound and  have not listened to the album Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me ,then do it.  (www.myspace.com/fukkkofff).

The second is a song that was featured in the 2005 film, It’s All Gone Pete Tong.This version though is re-mixed by Adam K & Soha. Pretty damn good.

Throw these on your headphones:

Fukkk Offf – Black Phantom (Original Mix)

Reflekt feat. Delline Bass -Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix)


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The music machine we call the UK has blessed us with another fine talent in the form of  Friendly Fires. This Dance-punk band consisting of 3 members, two of which are named Ed, sorry that’s Ed and Edd have been together since they were 14. It wasn’t until after Uni that they took their punk influences and mixed it with dance beats .There self-titled album Friendly Fires was released back in September 2008 and has songs featured in commercials for the Nintendo Wii and Gran Turismo 5. Recently (June 27) they were featured on BBC’s Essential Mix where each Ed(d) played an hour each of there favourite deep house tracks, as well this past summer they performed at the world famous Glastonbury festival.

This week kids, I’m dropping you a cross section of there music to download. Anyone that knows me knows that I personally enjoy the tracks that include dirty house beats, and the Grum remix of Skeleton Boy will surely not disappoint anyone else on the same wavelength


Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)
Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Original Mix)Friendly Fires – Paris

Friendly Fires-Jump_In_The_Pool-Thin_White_Duke_remix

Friendy Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)


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deadmau5September 22nd is when the new Mau5 drops! The much anticipated followup to 2008’s “Random Album Title”  is entitled “Lack of a Better Name”, but I’m sure it won’t be lacking some serious tracks! A few stinky beats have managed to sneak out and so far they sound awesome. DeadMau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) is the hottest name in the world of eleKtronica and there  is no doubt that this upcoming album will make Deadmau5 bigger than ever. Whether that’ s a good thing or a bad thing , only time will tell.  Either way, the Canadian producer/DJ ‘s forward thinking music will keep this listener rocking  for some time, and the rest of the eleKtronic world playing catch up! From BBC Radio One to Triple J in Australia, people in the know have watched this whiz kid go from relative unknown to one of the most popular musicians on Beatport. Get your party caps on kids, September 22nd will be one hell of a day! http://www.deadmau5.com.

The links below will allow you to download these songs

Deadmau5 – asdfghjkl.mp3

ghosts n stuff ft. rob swire (Algater Live Edit).mp3

Header picture courtesy of  the great Cameron Oades

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